How to use fitness videos to increase class numbers in gyms post Covid 19.

Is it possible to use fitness videos to increase class numbers in gyms once lockdown is relaxed after COVID-19?


In this post, I’m going to share with you how fitness videos can be used to increase class numbers post COVID-19.

When gyms and health facilities are finally allowed to open their doors again after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s going to take some time before things return to normal. While digital fitness has boomed online over the last 30 days, it can’t replace the energy and social experience of live classes.


Participants can’t wait to socialize again in their communities and instructors are itching to teach and see their members again.


Social distancing rules will have to be relaxed and adapted to allow gyms to offer group fitness experiences initially. This will mean that class numbers will have to be limited and access to clubs restricted to avoid overcrowding.

With extra provisions needed to keep facilities clean, timetables will also have to be changed. There will be extra cleaning requirements, meaning less available time to deliver classes.


But with some planning and preparation, virtual fitness solutions can be used to:

  • increase the number of live in-person fitness classes per day
  • increase the number of participants who can take part in classes
  • increase access and avoid overcrowding
  • allow your instructors to return to teaching and reach more members faster


The solution


  1. Create a series of bespoke warm-up, cool down, and stretch videos for your live programs that your members have quick and easy access to.  You can easily host these on easy to find YouTube playlists if you don’t have a digital solution in place.
  2. Instruct your members to use dedicated warmup up spaces 10 minutes before the scheduled start time for each class. Participants can warm-up while other classes are still running or while spaces are being cleaned.
  3. Move your members into the dedicated studio or space for their class for the main session.
  4. Ask your instructors to direct members to use the dedicated videos for the cool down and stretch in the dedicated post-workout area of the club.


By having this production-style process in place you can use fitness videos to increase class numbers in your space. It’s possible for studios and facilities can be cleaned while members warm up elsewhere.

This frees up time to put on more classes and moves members around a club in a controlled way to avoid crowding.

And best of all you can start creating the fitness videos you need for warmup and cool downs now!

These videos are short and quick to produce meaning in a day or less your instructors could create a complete series of evergreen videos ready for reopening.