How film fitness videos with a DSLR

If you want to film fitness videos with a DSLR then there are a few things you should know before you go out and buy the latest camera.

Over that last few years the video features for DSLR cameras have improved massively with every model released. However they still have one Achilles heel which means it’s not necessarily the perfect solution for filming fitness videos.

You can film fitness videos with a DSLR in HD and even 4K now, but these cameras have a maximum record limit of 29m 59s and many split recordings in to separate 4GB files. This means that if you want to film a fitness video that’s longer than 30 minutes, you’ll need to hit record again. And because video may be split into different files you’ll need to edit them together with software after filming.

And without being ready to push the button straight away you’re going to lose a few seconds of your workout.

Of course, if you’re not planning to filming workouts any longer than 30 minutes, a DSLR camera may be perfect for you because:


  • The basic kit lenses are usually good quality useful for many situations
  • The storage media like SD cards are inexpensive
  • The cameras can dive good results in low light
  • Many have articulating screens so you can check your frame while filming and they can double as a vlogging camera
  • And many models have input jacks to allow you to attach radio microphones to improve audio quality


But to be fair, we have to highlight some cons as well.

  • You’ll probably need to invest in extra batteries because many will die after an hour or so
  • The pre-amps for audio recording inside older camera models aren’t the best quality.
  • You need to be careful how you record your audio to avoid a lot of hiss in your recordings.
  • Cameras can be more technical and complicate to use.
  • Video setup and menu systems can be confusing and you may need to consult the manual to make headway.
  • You will need a relatively sturdy tripod to help the weight of the camera.


So is it worth trying to film fitness videos with a DSLR?

It’s certainly an option and it can be a high quality and cheap solution. If you plan to do a lot of editing and construct your videos in parts then you can get high quality results with a low investment.

But if you’re adverse to editing and want a quick way to film and upload your fitness videos, then you might want to consider a dedicated video camera; an action camera like a GoPro or use a phone or tablet device.