How to film fitness testimonial videos for marketing

Do you want to create attention-grabbing, thumb-stopping fitness testimonial videos for your brand, gym or business? Great! When used at the right point in the customer journey, testimonial videos can help you convert more leads into customers. The trouble is many people don’t plan testimonials well because they fear that if they do, the videos won’t look ‘authentic’ or ‘natural’.

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Six mistakes fitness businesses make when commissioning video production

Video isn’t magic…sorry to break it to you. The truth is, just because you’ve made a video doesn’t mean you’ll magically “voodoo” new business out of thin air. If you’re feeling an urgency to create videos for your fitness business to improve marketing, sales, or retention, then this post is for you. It’s my goal with this post to make

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5 Essential Videos for Gyms, Fitness Studios and Personal Trainers

5 Essential Videos for Gyms, Fitness Studios and Personal Trainers If you’re planning to create a promo video for your fitness business, you should know that one video just won’t cut it anymore. People are becoming less patient and attention spans are getting shorter, so it makes no sense to try and cram everything about your business into one long

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Need to create better videos for your fitness business? Go shopping!

Everyone wants to create better videos to earn more watch time. So what can we learn from an in-store shopping experience to make videos better? I’ve never worked in retail but I know from many trips to supermarkets that a lot of research and psychology goes into shop floor planning. And so that customers buy more stuff! Last weekend I

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7 Ways to Use Your Fitness Promo Video

So you’ve created a promo video for your fitness product, service or facility. You’ve put it on the homepage of your website, posted it to YouTube and shared it with the world on Facebook. Job done, right? Now you can sit back and watch the leads flood in! If only it were that simple. Maybe 15 years ago, the novelty

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How To Deliver a Great Presentation for Video. The 15 Point Checklist.

How can you capture a great presentation on video that you can turn into successful marketing content? If you’re planning to film a presentation which you’ll later share on social media and YouTube, it’s important to create content that looks and sounds great. These 15 top tips will help you to create and deliver a professional presentation to your audience

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How to Turn Your Video Presentations into Useful Social Media Content

We’re living in the age of content marketing, so I’m always surprised when I attend an industry event and see the keynote speakers aren’t filming their presentations. Why wouldn’t you want to capture your presentation on video so you can use it for marketing to reach even more people? Surely that’s why you’re speaking in the first place? I realize

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How to Create Compelling Titles for your YouTube Videos

Sometimes thinking of a punchy title for your latest video blog can be tricky. You want to create something that’s going to attract a new audience and keeps your regular followers engaged. So how can you consistently create compelling titles that encourage people to watch your videos?   Easy. Use the 3 ‘C’s as a guide to decide upon the

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