The Video Promo Checklist For Gyms and Facilities

If you’re planning to make a fitness promo for your gym or facility, here’s your 10 point checklist to help you prepare for your filming.   Get permission  If you share a building or gym space with other businesses or training companies let them know you’re filming and ask them to help keep areas tidy. At busy times people, bags,

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Essential Marketing Videos For Gyms

The Promo Video Promo videos are essential for gyms and facilities because they allow new members the opportunity to tour the facilities before they visit for the first time. This means that when they finally step through your door they are more likely to join, and you don’t need to dedicate staff resources to gym tours followed by the obligatory

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The Secret to Saving Money on Video Production

Creating a video for your fitness business, product or service can be stressful and overwhelming especially if you’ve never done it before. Without a clear understanding of the process, it can appear complicated, mysterious and expensive.   So what’s the secret to saving money on video production?   When it comes to video production you’re paying for three things: time, resources

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