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Richard Playfair

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The Best Personal Trainer Insurance Providers in the UK

Here are some of the best personal trainer insurance providers in the UK. (List compiled March 2020)

These insurance providers cover fitness instructors and personal trainers who want to deliver live streaming and on demand (pre-recorded) fitness workouts online.

NOTE: Policies may change so please read all documents and information before purchase. Check the policy still covers live streaming and on demand workouts.



The Financial Fitness Group

As well as being insured you should make sure that you are using music that is appropriately licensed for use online.

If you are using music to create your videos, you must make sure that it is PPL free and is approved for ‘syncronisation’.

The music you use for your public (in person) classes may not be licensed for syncronisation. You should check with your music provider before using it in any of your videos.

You can find out more information on PPL and Syncronisation licensing on the PRS and PPL website.

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