Richard Playfair

Richard Playfair

Video Producer - Sweatlife Films

How to stream fitness workouts from home to your clients

Fitness Video Disclaimer Examples (Free download no opt in) http://bit.ly/VideoWorkoutDisclaimerExamples

Do you want to stream fitness workouts from home?

If the current health scare has affected attendance to your gym or fitness classes and you’re considering live workouts via Zoom, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Instagram Live, here are some tips so you can launch some content TODAY!

???? Make sure your insurance covers you for LIVE classes.

???? Set up your camera/phone in landscape mode so your audience can cast the image to their TVs for a big screen.

???? Intro your workouts with a short disclaimer (examples)

???? Don’t use music as you film. You can then record and re-post/reuse your workout without fear of copyright issues.

???? Invite your audience to play their own music in the background as they workout, so you can optimise audio for your own speech for the best user experience.

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