We're dedicated to helping health and fitness businesses use video to build profitable businesses with on-demand workouts and online courses.


If you’re looking to hire professional video production help for the first time to make your fitness videos, then we know you’ve got questions.

That’s why we’re clear and up front about our prices, and provide 15-minute consultations to help you find the answers that may be keeping you stuck from taking action. 

We think it’s easier to have a chat than write emails and there’s no selling when we first speak – that’s a promise! Plus we can provide you with a recording of our conversation so you can share it with colleagues if they can’t make the call.

Book a quick call now and let’s get you unstuck. If you’re looking for cost examples, then scroll down to see examples of our packages.




We know that choosing a production company for your project is a risk, especially if they don’t have the experience you’re looking for and and going for the cheapest option doesn’t always workout the way you expect.

We’ve been producing on-demand workouts since 2015, so we’ve got the experience you need to produce high quality fitness videos on brand, on time and on-budget.




No compromise video production - the full workout!

You’re excited to launch a unique workout program with a team of experienced instructors.

You need expert help with branding, graphics, video production and program design and music curation without copyright headaches.

We’ll provide you with all the resources you need to produce a high-end workout series including: program and concept design, market research, competitor analysis, coaching for talent; hair and makeup and cinema grade audio and video production.


Fast and efficient production covering all the essentials

Our studio package is designed for fitness business that want to step up the production value of their videos.

You’ve tried to produce your own videos but you’re not satisfied with the end result. You want to step up the production quality of your videos so they reflect positively on your brand; deliver the workout experience your members expect and increase your popularity online.


Express video production with all essential elements included

Designed for fitness professionals and independent studios that  want to launch a signature workout series consisting of 4 x 30-minute workouts of 180 minutes of content. 

You’re ready to reduce the amount of time you spend delivering face to face and live workouts.

You want to future proof your income and generate more income online with on-demand workouts, so you don’t have to work more hours to make more money.



£ 40k inc VAT
  • Multiple dynamic cameras
  • 2 days of filming
  • Full crew
  • Hair and makeup
  • Presenter Training
  • Photography
  • Behind the scenes video
  • Promo and marketing videos


£ 5k inc VAT
  • 3 cameras
  • 1 day of filming
  • 2-3 crew
  • 4 x 30 minute videos
  • Small photo package
  • Hard drive delivery of all content


£ 2.5k inc VAT
  • 2 cameras
  • 1 day of filming
  • 1-2 crew
  • 4 x 30 minute workouts
  • 30 second series promo
  • Hard drive delivery of all content


Our production process for helping you to plan an online course is detailed and thorough, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated for you.

We do more than other production companies and provide you service you expect for your money. We make it easy for you to monitor the progress of your project throughout every stage of production and make the review and approval process simple without messy email chains.

We know how to help you to film more content in less time so you can make your investment in professional video production go further.

Want to film at your location but don’t like the background or setup?

We can help you to source a new location or film with a green screen.

Worried about delivering your lines?

We’ll provide you with an autocue so you look like an expert on camera.

Need to turn around content quickly or keep costs down?

We can live-edit your presentations, so you can trigger slides into your video at the same time.



Your presentations expertly filmed with moving cameras for a more cinematic feel and futureproofed with 4K video.
£ 25k inc VAT
  • Filmed in 4K
  • 2 days of filming
  • Graphics and animations
  • 2 days of filming
  • Original presentation animations included
  • Hair and makeup
  • Presenter Training
  • Promotional photography
  • Behind the scenes video
  • Promo and marketing videos


Film with a green screen and change your background later, or we'll create professional set at your location for presentations and interviews
£ 6k inc VAT
  • Filmed in 4K
  • 1 day of filming
  • 2 hours of final content
  • Original presentation animations included
  • 2-3 crew
  • Studio, infinity or green screen
  • Autocue included
  • Hard drive delivery of all content


Designed for fitness presenters who want to create an online course fast using basic slides from Powerpoint, Keynote or Canva
£ 2.5k inc VAT
  • Filmed in HD
  • 1 day of filming
  • 1 hour of final content
  • Your PowerPoint, Keynote or Canva slides added to your videos
  • 1-2 crew
  • Autocue included
  • Hard drive delivery of all content


From £5K

Are you ready to get off the social media hamster wheel?

Are you ready to admit that pumping out random social media videos just doesn’t lead to more sales?

If you want your efforts and investment in video to pay off, you need a video strategy that uses social media in the right way, that makes it effortless for your audience to understand how you can help them.

But first you need evergreen videos in place that help to inform, educate and convert leads into customers.

Our C.O.R.E video strategy helps you to create the videos you need to shorten the sales process and convert more clicks into customers. 

Whether you need to futureproof your business with new website videos; create a video series to speed up sales; or produce Facebook ads for more leads, our C.O.R.E video strategy removes the guesswork so you can produce effective sales and marketing videos for your business run on autopilot.




Complete the form and we’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours to schedule an initial 15-minute introduction call so we can answer your questions.

Our royalty-free music partners

We think your workouts deserve the best royalty free music available.

That’s why we let you pick the music you want from our trusted music partners.

We want your to confidently launch your programs and workout zero copyright headaches.

Common questions

In order to book your package for filming we take a 50% deposit of your project or the full payment for filming in advance.

The final balance for the project is due before any final videos are delivered. Payment schedules will be detailed on your contract.

We accept BACS transfers for deposits and balancing payments.

We can provide music playback during filming so you can follow the beat. We’ll record the music track at the same time and then replace it in the edit.

If you need to film with music we recommend keeping it to a minimum volume, so that we capture the cleanest audio quality from your microphones during filming.

We use royalty free music from independent composers and artists. While it’s possible to license commercial music and cover versions of popular music, the fees make this impossible for most productions.

The music libraries we use regularly include SoundStripe, PremiumBeat, Paramusical, Hook Sounds and Tune Pocket.

We always use PRO free licensed tracks so you don’t need to worry about copyright claims or paying extra fees if you publicly broadcast your videos.

Absolutely. You can build your workouts on Seconds Pro and we can hook your phone up to a video screen during filming. That way you don’t have to remember your workouts in full – just follow the instructions on the big screen.

Once your project is signed off, we provide you with all your video content for safe keeping. This means you have everything you need to create additional clips for social media if you want to. Be aware that you may need a relatively powerful computer and dedicated video editing software to view and edit the raw footage.

We don’t provide edit projects with the delivery of content only the original footage filmed. Once you have received your hard drive of content we are no longer responsible for the safekeeping of your project.

Just as you would during a live class – recover and keep going if you can. If something major goes wrong during filming then we can stop and start again. Thanks to multi camera filming and clever editing, we can hide any filming interruptions.

If you’re worried about filming for the first time, rehearse your workouts in advance and film some tests with your phone until your confident enough to step in front of the camera.

If you need more time to film your content, contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll do out best to accommodate.

We want you to create workouts that you’re proud of. Technique and performance can suffer if you try and film too much, so limiting your work to 1-2 hours means your going to perform better and your clients are going to get the best videos to watch.

If you need to include extras in your workouts, then we’ll need to make sure your location is big enough for filming and for your talent to exercise safely.

Because filming equipment also takes up a lot of space and so do people, we always do visit locations to plan the setup for filming.

Absolutely! But make sure you use silent mode on your camera and don’t use flash during filming.

If you need professional branding shots or behind the scenes material, we can provide you with a  photographer and videographer to capture all the content you need.

It’s up to you. We can provide you with download links, or if you provide us with access, we can upload them directly to your host platforms like Vimeo, Amazon S3, Dropbox or Wistia.

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