Virtual fitness classes are becoming more and more popular with current fitness enthusiasts and new starters. Here are 11 reasons why fitness businesses need to start creating original virtual fitness classes to give them the advantage in their local area!

  1. Giving current members access to online workouts allows them to stay motivated and on track with their training. Virtual classes can help them stay on track when they go on holiday or are away on business. Helping them to workout wherever they are means they don’t feel like they’re behind when they return to training.
  2. Its easy to reversion fitness videos into shorter free workouts and clips for social media. It’s then easy to send traffic to consume the full-length content.
  3. More people are working out at home than ever before. Research suggests 62% of gym and studio members do some sort of exercise at home with fitness apps or use digital platforms. Your members could be looking for a convenient solution to train more with you.
  4. It’s 24/7 FREE advertising for your facility if you publish content on platforms like Instagram TV and YouTube. Optimising your content for search engines can help people in your local area find your business.
  5. Producing high-quality videos is cheap and easy if you have your own camera and studio space. You don’t have to hire a space to make your videos and you can build a library of content quickly. Workouts don’t have to be long so you can film them whenever the studio is not being used.
  6. Over time your videos will increase in views and watch time. These statistics can be powerful ways of proving the popularity of your content and live classes.
  7. Showing other participants in your videos helps to reassure prospects that the program is suitable for them too. They may even recognise a friend participating and your loyal followers will be keen to share with their friends any video content they appear in.
  8. Allowing new prospects the opportunity to try before they visit your facility is great marketing. It’s not heavy on your resources or demanding of your staff’s time. You’re providing useful content that they can build into their routine so they want more. Exercising remotely also helps them to build their confidence before they attend in person.
  9. Free videos serve as a gateway to a premium content and possible additional revenue stream.
  10. Virtual fitness classes provide an opportunity for you to partner with other local businesses. You could offer advertising space in your videos to clothing, equipment or food brands.
  11. Turn your instructors into local celebrities! Class participants love their instructors and instructors love Instagram! Invest in your immediate talent and they’ll be proud to shout about their classes and bring in new business!